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See Bell & Ross watches on Amazon here.Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases

Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases
Bell Ross Watch
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Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases
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Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases
Bell Ross BRS Strap And Tool
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Confrérie Horlogère Presents The ImmenSEAty Watch Movement By Gabriel Salgado

Confrérie Horlogère Presents The ImmenSEAty Watch Movement By Gabriel Salgado

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Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Video Watch Releases
Perrelet Eve Classic Automatic Lady Ceramics open back A2041 1
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It's very hard to please a woman. Especially when we come armed with knowledge, taste, and high expectations. It must be even more difficult for such a traditional manufacture to create a dynamic timepiece for modern women that includes technological performance and aesthetic appeal.

You don't see combinations like this very often. Here, German Marcello C. has fitted their Nettuno Chronograph watch with a PVD black bezel and PVD black pushers and crown, against a stainless steel case. I think it is a very attractive combo. The look results in sort of a two-tone look that is quite popular these days. It makes the watch very noticeable as well - being more "striking" than models without the color combo. This is the first ever use of PVD in the Nettuno watch collection that I am aware of as well. You will notice of course that there are "mirror" image watches here. As one of the Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph watches has a steel case with black pushers and bezel, the other version has a PVD black case with steel pushers and a steel bezel. Pretty cool right? Further, the PVD cased version comes with a totally PVD coated bracelet that ought to be really nice. This is one of the best diver's style bracelets on the market that I've experienced, and I'd love to experience it in all black. You can read a bit more about it when I reviewed the Marcello Nettuno 3 Diver's watch here with much esteem.

Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine Watch Video Watch Releases

The rest of the Cameo S model will be the same as the regular Cameo watch. This includes the architecturally themed square case unique to Temption with an ETA 2892A2 automatic movement powering the watch. Temption is proud of the special technique they use to chemically bond the square sapphire crystal to the case. This process is very difficult to do because the Cameo is of the only square watches with a true square sapphire crystal. The stainless steel case is beautifully cut in a high polish and brushed finish, with some satin finished segments on the side. content partner TheTimeTV gets the good stuff though, and is able to infiltrate the lines in order to get great video. While this video covers more than just the Monaco watches, it is focused on them primarily. The major model of interest was the Tag Heuer Monaco 24 watch. Penned as a concept and prototype, the watch will be built as a limited edition. The tech innovation in the watch is the incredible shock resistance. Tag Heuer says that you can drop the watch from 20 feet and it will survive. For a mechanical watch that is pretty good. It does this by "floating" the movement in the case as it is attached by four shock absorbers. Everything is made of exotic materials originally developed for car racing and aerospace use. The case is like a protective cockpit using steel tubing for protection. Further buffers and other shock "filters" inhabit the highly custom made 40.5mm wide tungsten case coated in black PVD (water resistant to 100 meters).

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

Technical Specifications for 3-Timer rose gold black DLC steel bezel:
-Limited to 222 pieces
-Size 46mm (w) by 49mm (l) by 12mm (h) -Movement ETA 2893
— A2 mechanical automatic
-42 hour power reserve
-Case 18kt. Rose gold case, black DLC steel bezel
-24 hour bidirectional turning bezel (24 clicks) -Screw on gold case-back
-2.2mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal (backside coated)
-Screw in crown with LW logo -Date At 4 o’clock -Dial Black galvanic satinised dial with rose gold print
-12 rose gold plated applied indexes with Super LumiNova (C3 Green Line)
-Hands Diamond cut rhodium plated with applied Super LumiNova (C3 Green Line)
-Water Resistance 300M / 1,000ft -Strap Black textile strap with gold ardillon buckle

It's almost funny how male dominated brands will take their simplest model, throw some diamonds on it, and call it a women's watch. Really...

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Contessa by Eterna – Women’s Watch 2009

Contessa by Eterna – Women’s Watch 2009

2009 Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic Watch Watch Releases

This article isn't just me recommending a movie with "watch" in the name, but I wanted to point out that Watchmen is another movie you can throw in the pile of films with nods to watch appreciation. There is of course the doomsday clock, that slowly moves closer to midnight. There is the fact that it was his watch that got Jon Osterman his unfortunate opportunity to turn into Dr. Manhattan because he forgot the watch in the experiment chamber and went to get it. There is also the fact that Jon's (Dr. Manhattan) father was a watchmaker - with the accompanying childhood flashback scene where the young Jon is asked by his father to take apart and put back together a mechanical watch. And of course there is the product placement of the (older) mechanical Timex watch near the end of the movie.  This is an impressive list of watch related content. Of course, all of it is from the graphic novel (not the Timex though), but I applaud the screen adapters' choice to include as much as they did in the film.

Aside from that, you have a standard super high-end Romain Jerome Tourbillon watch. The movement is a sourced BNB Concepts caliber 1000RJ manually wound movement with a one-minute tourbillon. Thankfully, it has a 120 hour power reserve, because you sure as hell aren't going to be wearing this piece often, and don't want to wind it daily. Everything else such as the 46mm wide case with lots of carbon fiber is off the rest of the Moon Dust DNA watch line. So, I will ask again, how do you plan on making this watch, and why are you making this watch? Did nine little green men ask for these special limited edition watches? Perhaps there is an inside joke the rest of the world is missing. Throw us a bone and explain what these computer rendered watch images do not.

Turn the watch over and see the P-181 automatic movement through the sapphire crystal caseback window and you can tell that Perrelet is a serious watch maker. The decorated rotor is just the start, but the finish on the dial along with the blued screws is almost as nice a view as the face of the watch. At 44mm wide you'd think that watch was really big. You can see that even on two pairs of smaller wrists, the watch looks totally comfortable and not super huge. Just wait until I show you a 60mm wide watch I shot while on my trip. So if you are in love with the Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor watch collection as so many people seem to be, you'll have to wait at least until the fall, but they are coming.

But as one discerning woman... I trust that it will continue to be savvy, sexy, and most of all, complicated.

Designing this watch with a double rotor is unique, difficult to construct, and mesmerizing to witness. And is the perfect opportunity for more women to learn about mechanical watches and what makes them so desirable.

Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases

Originally released almost two decades ago now, the Breitling Aerospace is a wildly popular model that underwent a series of minor visual updates over the years. The watch has recently sort of been off the radar as Breitling focused on other watches -  especially those mechanical ones with higher profit margins. The turn in the economy has allowed (forced) them to re-shift their focus on some of their more reasonably priced luxury instrument watches. At Baselworld this year they released a brand new Aerospace model (actually two watches that share the Superquartz (thermoline quartz) movement, but only one called the "Aerospace"), what recaptures some of what people loved in the original - but maybe not enough. The functions are the same, and so is most of the appeal, but the design seems to be getting less "professional" and more formal.

The Linde Werdelin 2-Timer watch (that I reviewed here) is growing up to be the 3-Timer. The differences are enough shed new light on a watch that had never even lost a sparkle of shine. With the 3-Timer you get a more elegant look with less emphasis on sport, heading into the, “this watch goes with a suit” range. Wearing the 2-Timer with business attire would make you look a bit like a superhero with a secret identity who accidentally forgot to remove one of their outfit components.

Just watched the marketing video from Audemars Piguet advertising the Royal Oak Survivor watch.

This article is mostly my mention of Pontiac's death, but of course you can see images of the Pontiac watches - just needed to make the timepiece connection! Going back to the cars, I've always had a distinct sense of distaste for the ugly autos. I used to wonder to myself, why would anyone buy a Pontiac car? I mean really, what was the appeal? Was it because they were cheap? The last 20 years saw so many hideous cars, that were probably equally garish to drive. I recall reading a review of a Pontiac in a British car magazine that was not nearly as polite as the writing in Car & Driver or Motor Trend. In fact, the review more or less said "there is no reason why anyone should ever have to buy this car." Still people bought them, as they did many other GM cars with next to no enthusiast value.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase Watch, For Pirates Watch Releases

The Marcello C. Pegasus Model represents a perfect watch for the perfect day. This is a beautifully manufactured watch, with just enough details to strike up conversations wherever the wearer goes. The Superluminova inserts in the hands make this such a functional and attractive watch. With such a modest price for such a solid watch, any man or woman would be proud to rock this timepiece.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Marcello C Pegasus model

This article is the second part of my A. Lange & Sohne Germany trip discussion. It has taken me longer to get to writing this than I would have preferred, but it has given me time to lets these facts ruminate. In the part I article covering my trip I left off talking about the history of the brand and describing the watch making region. We are ready to go into the heart of the manufacture, taking (some of)  the mystery out of the end result, and impressing upon you what really goes into making the finest of German watches.