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SM: It's got it all, especially the complexity and esthetic aspect of the movement.

Glashutte Original Senator Sixties Panorama Date Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Instagram Advertising Kicks-Off With A Wrist Watch

Instagram Advertising Kicks-Off With A Wrist Watch

Sablier Grand Cru Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

When you look at surviving Breguet pocket watches from the days of Abraham-Louis Breguet himself, this fact becomes incredibly obvious. Produced in a time before electricity, many original Breguet pocket watches appear to have been produced just a few years ago. The perfection of the cases, the crispness of the dials, and the technology employed is outstanding, and there is no question that every available ounce of effort was put into their design and construction. Today we look at an antique original Breuget pocket watch, as well as two modern pocket watches they produce in small numbers that of course are inspired by the past.

Speaking of the markers, they are just one element of what has to be my favourite Halios dial design to-date. The proportions are excellent and offer strong legibility and contrast against either the glassy blue or inky black dial. Both dial options perfectly match the glossy effect of the ceramic bezel and dial text is kept to a minimum. A simple minute scale offers excellent accuracy in reading the display and the date window is tucked away at six, a design that I absolutely love. The date is perfectly legible and both models feature dial color-matched date wheels.

Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Watch Hands-On Hands-On

In São Paulo, the South American Manager for Parmigiani, Ruggero Mango, hosted me for a special visit to their offices, where I could get hands-on time with the Parmigiani Pershing CBF Chronograph watch. Unlike most other brands who tend to recycle their chronographs for a myriad of purposes, the Parmigiani Pershing is instead released with subsequent improvements. And for last year's 005 model, also commemorating (I suppose) Brazil's five championships, a special version for the CBF contains the in-house automatic chronograph PF334 with 50 hours of power reserve, encased in a manly yet light 45 mm titanium case. There are also options for white gold and pink gold bezels, and there is a ladies version in white, with a bezel encrusted with diamonds.

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IWC offers two dial colors for the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium. One is black with blue accents, but we keep being drawn to the "silver-plated" tone dial. While not exactly white, it is an almost white colored sport watch dial - and we love those. In our review of the Porsche Design Flat Six P'6310 watch, we discussed the difficultly in producing light-dialed sport watches, and what it takes to succeed. The key is the right black materials and a lack of reflectivity. This is very well executed with the thickly-outlined-in-black hands and applied hour indicators. While the dial has a touch of gloss to it, all of the indicators stand out with a beautiful, instrumental gusto on the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium face.

Is The Swatch Group Interested In Fighting Apple Over The iWatch Trademark? Watch Industry News
We expect Apple and Swatch are going to either fight and defend this dispute from country to country, or settle and come to an agreement (which is the most likely outcome). The country-by-country nature of it is illustrated in the fact that Monaco, for example, approved the Brightflash registration on April 1st of this year, but Iceland provisionally refused it stating that the iWatch brand being registered is confusingly similar to Swatch's trademark. Without a settlement agreement, this sort of thing could drag out: Countries have 18 months to respond to a request, and it's possible to appeal deadlines as well.

Are you ready to support the semi-crowdsourced VicenTerra Luna watch? The last time I heard from the very-boutique Swiss watchmaker VicenTerra was when the watchmaker in charge was thanking me for writing about his first watch, the GMT-3 back in 2010. Back then their first watch could be had for an incredible deal (comparatively speaking) if you were one of the first to order it. Regular price was 15,000 Swiss Francs but if you were one of the first, the price of the VicenTerra GMT-3 was only 5,000 Swiss Francs. That of course was assuming they had a minimum order requirement - and apparently they did. Now, almost four years later, VicenTerra released word of their second watch, and it will be similarly based on a pre-order model.

Rolex Chronograph & Speedometer For Bloodhound SSC 1000 MPH Car: This Is What A Modern Rolex Dashboard Instrument Looks Like Watch Industry News

Rolex Bloodhound SSC Speedometer

UPDATE: aBlogtoWatch Hands-on with the Christophe Claret Margot watch here.

Yang says, "I just wanted to create a smart watch for the 'non-techies' of the world who want to get smart watch functions." Kairos' first release is a watch that combines a smart watch operating system (Android Wear (which we covered here) or a possibly a custom-made Kairos OS. We may know more once Android Wear is publicly released to developers.) and either a Swiss Soprod or Miyota mechanical movement. One of the goals was a watch that a businessperson wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in a meeting.

On wrist, the Gravity is sure to bring a smile to your face. The steel version features Clou de Paris finishing on the area around the dial, which is classic in design, with roman numerals and blued steel hands. The subdial for seconds provides an additional pop of color with a red scale and a matching blued steel hand.

Citizen Signature watches began as higher-end quartz watches that included better materials, more interesting movements, and an overall upgraded Japanese quartz watch experience. While often very nice, I don't think the first era of Citizen Signature went according to plan, because again, it was only enthusiasts who understood them, and enthusiasts tended to prefer mechanical watches. With that understood, it seems like Citizen re-thought the Citizen Signature collection and a couple of years ago came up with a mechanical model that contained an in-house made automatic movement. Of course, Citizen has been producing mechanical movements for years under their other company, the movement maker Miyota.

Comparable to fine watch movements, Bob only uses parts which are absolutely necessary for the construction and operation of the piece: no superfluous components are added for the sake of decoration or enhanced "flare." With that said, Potts will not hide the fact that he is inspired by found objects and that he has done "a lot of dumpster diving." And while his pieces appear to have been designed up to the slightest details in advance of their actual assembly, he says that most of his projects have greatly changed and evolved while already in the process of their creation.

I find it interesting that the seconds hand is often much less important than the minute and hour hands. Some of these dials don't have seconds hands or we haven't included them because we don't think they are necessary. In another instances, the seconds hands are crucial to preserving the overall character of the hand set.

Bexei Watches: Some Of The Finest In The World & Made In Hungary Inside the Manufacture

The way it works is simple, and according to Rolex the dual time complication is based on a module over a base in-house made Rolex movement. The main dial has an hour, minute, and seconds hand for the local time. A subdial has a second pair of hour and minute hands for a "home" or secondary time zone. There is also a small window at the 9 o'clock position of the subsidiary dial that acts as an AM/PM indicator for the home time, as it is presented in a 12-hour format, versus the 24-hour format of Rolex GMT watches such as the Explorer II or GMT-Master II. The small window has a sun for AM and a moon for PM.

Whisky is a big deal in China these days, and apparently the most popular spirit brand in the world is Johnnie Walker. So, with that said, it should come as little surprise that Hublot has created a limited edition set of Big Bang Aero watches in partnership with Johnnie Walker brand whiskies. More specifically, Hublot has produced this timepiece in collaboration with the new "Johnnie Walker House" in Beijing, China. What is a Johnnie Walker House? There are three locations so far outside of Scotland; the idea behind it is to be a bar-style space that is an "ambassador of whisky culture."

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The focus on the Augustus I watch is the anniversary system. The way it works is rather interesting. Let's take a birthday, for instance. One of the 12 items on event ring is the name of the person whose birthday it is, followed by the date (date, moth, and year) of their birthday. Right there you have a simple reminder to indicate important dates, but that isn't the clever part.

Bulova Accu-Swiss Percheron Watch Available In Solid 24k Gold For ,000  Hands-On

ABTW: Was there ever a time in your life when you could afford it?

For 2014, German tool watch maker Sinn has released a new piece in its EZM collection called the Sinn EZM9 TESTAF. What you have here is an interesting watch that is meant for pilots, but really wants to be a dive watch. Essentially, the Sinn EZM9 is a three-hand version of the 2012 EZM10 (hands-on here).

TAG Heuer will also be presenting some unique and rare watches along with a brand new boutique-only version of the famed and totally sold out Jack Heuer Carrera 80 known as the Carrera Calibre 17 Chronograph Boutique Edition. With so much demand and not enough watches to go around, TAG Heuer has produced two new versions in honor of Jack Heuer's final retirement from his working life, and they will be available.